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March is Nutrition Month! Recently, Canadians are cooking less and relying more on highly processed foods, resulting in negative effects to their health. As a result, many children grow up without learning basic food skills – such as how to shop, cook, and build a healthy meal.

This year Dietitians of Canada wants to help your students Unlock the Potential of Food! As a teacher, you can help foster healthy eating habits in children by teaching them basic food skills.

Did you know?

Improved food skills of children can lead to healthier eating, including eating more fruits, vegetables, and fibre, while decreasing intake of highly processed foods.

Teaching children how to prepare healthy meals will give them the potential to discover better health as they grow up. Chances are healthy habits started at a young age will continue as the children grow.

In your classroom, you have the opportunity to inspire your students to unlock the potential of food. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has guides for many classroom nutrition activities, such as ‘Ingredient Investigation’, which teaches students how to read nutrition labels. Below are links to AHS resources for teaching children about healthy eating:

Nutrition Activities in Any Classroom & Curriculum Based Lesson Plans

These are other resources to help get children interested in cooking and healthy eating!

Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month 2018

Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids of different ages

Cooking for older kids


Submitted by Joanne Alano, Dietetic Intern

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