Teach Kindness for Healthier Students

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There are scientifically proven benefits to being kind! It is contagious, teachable, and makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

Kindness is something that can be taught and doing so can result in these 8 benefits.  Read more on the science behind each in this article.

  1. Happy Children
  2. Increased Peer Acceptance
  3. Improved Health and Less Stress
  4. Greater Sense of Belonging and Improved Self Esteem
  5. Increased Feelings of Gratitude
  6. Better Concentration and Improved Results
  7. Less Bullying
  8. Reduced Depression

November 13, 2018 is World Kindness Day, you can start teaching kindness in your classroom like Mrs. Williamson at RJ Hawkey Elementary School in Airdrie.  The Kindergarten Kindness Ninjas have come up with many ways to be kind. Read the story here.  Check out Mrs. Williamson’s twitter for some easy win ideas!

If you’re interested in teaching kindness in a purposeful way, visit www.randomactsofkindness.org to download FREE lesson plans for grades K-8.

Desirea Agar is a Health Promotion Coordinator with Alberta Health Services and can be reached at desirea.agar@ahs.ca.

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