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Take the Classroom Outside at Least Once a Week

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A recent study has found that by taking the classroom outside and learning outdoors for just one lesson per week improved students well being, ability to learn and pro social behavior. That’s just one lesson per week for huge benefits! To read the entire report “Nature Nurtures Children” click here.


The study found:

  • 90% of children felt they learned something new about the natural world
  • 79% felt that their experience could help their school work
  • After their activities 84% of children felt that they were capable of doing new things when they tried
  • 79% of children reported feeling more confident in themselves
  • 81% agreed that they had better relationships with their teachers
  • 79% reported better relationships with their class-mates

So what can you do to take your student’s outside for one lesson a week?  Some easy ideas:

Here are some other great websites to find outdoor lesson plans:

For Alberta specific resources see Alberta Education’s listing of environmental resources.

Desirea Agar is a Health Promotion Facilitator at Medicine Hat Community Health Services and can be reached at desirea.agar@ahs.ca

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