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Happy Teachers Practice Self-care

November 21, 2017

So often we forget about ourselves. Teacher wellness starts with being kind to you and practicing self-care. As teachers you are busy caring for others and may not feel supported or even remember to take time for yourselves. Remember to look after yourself. Find balance in your life, eat well, be active, get enough sleep and take time to connect with others.

Teacher Self Care

April 25, 2017

Are you counting down the days until the end of the school year?

Mindfulness in the Classroom

February 7, 2017

Schools all over the world have started to incorporate mindfulness techniques into the classroom as the benefits to students not only can keep students calm, but improve their academic performance.

Holiday Season Mental Wellness

December 21, 2016

The Christmas season is a very exciting time. Although most people embrace this season by taking part in the festivities, for some Christmastime can be a time of stress, anxiety or bring on feelings of sadness. It is important to recognize that not everyone embraces this holiday and that for some this time of year can be difficult.