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Start a Walking School Bus

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Have you heard of a walking school bus?  The concept is simple and takes the school community back to a time when transportation to school provided children with additional physical activity.  Today’s children are 40% less active than they were 30 years ago.  Imagine if they utilized their travel to school time every day as an opportunity to get more active!  An average Kindergartner takes 77.6 strides per min, and they can walk 1 km in 15-20 minutes. This means that if they walked 1 km to and from school they could be taking approximately 3000 more steps per day.  In an average school year, this calculates to 276,000 steps your kindergartner is missing out on by not walking to school.

The solution?  A Walking School Bus!  A Walking School Bus is an organized program that sees students walking to and from school in a group along a designated route under the supervision of an adult volunteer.

Not quite ready to implement a walking school bus?  Register your school up for the Winter Walk Day, which is on February 7, 2018.  Download the checklist and get started preparations for Winter Walk Day today!


Other useful resources on active transportation and Walking School Buses:

SHAPE Alberta: Information and resources on Winter Walk Day, International Walk to School Week, Wheel Week and other resources for active transportation.

Saskatchewan in…motion: Toolkits, videos and resources on creating safe and active routes to school.

Walking School Bus: Step by step guide to starting a walking school bus.

Desirea Weninger is a Health Promotion Coordinator for Alberta Health Services. December 2017.

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