Nutrition Activities in Any Classroom For Junior and Senior High

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Alberta Health Services Registered Dietitians are pleased to share a new interactive resource: Nutrition Activities in Any Classroom (NAIAC) – A Teachers Guide. 

The Teacher’s Guide provides teachers with 10 ready-to-use interactive activity stations. The activities will engage students to learn about healthy eating through self-reflection and investigation. The activities can be self-directed or completed as a class. This resource is also available in French.

The activity stations contain everything you need to complete the activities including: printable station titles, activity descriptions and key messages, set-up instructions, worksheets and activity materials. Also included are discussion questions and answers, as well as supplementary information and resources. The activities support the Healthy Eating Messages on the Healthy Eating Starts Here website.

Nutrition Activity Stations include:


  • How Much is That?
  • Food Detective
  • Cereal Slayer
  • Thirst Quencher
  • Ingredient Investigation
  • Fat Match
  • Sodium Analyzer


Comments we’ve heard from teachers about this resource:

  • “fun, interactive; new interactive ways of teaching health and nutrition”
  • “excellent, instantly usable ideas for projects and stations; excited for ready-made resources”

We hope you have a chance to try it out in your classroom!

You can find a copy of the toolkit at:

Click on Healthy Eating at School → Teaching and Learning Tools →
Nutrition Activities in Any Classroom

Submitted By: Pat MacIntosh, Registered Dietitian

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