Holiday Season Mental Wellness

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The Christmas season is a very exciting time. Although most people embrace this season by taking part in the festivities, for some Christmastime can be a time of stress, anxiety or bring on feelings of sadness. It is important to recognize that not everyone embraces this holiday and that for some this time of year can be difficult.

Children also can feel these feelings or can pick up on the emotions of parents or family members. With festivities also comes an unstructured break from school and sports, overindulging in treats, and late bed times. Some kids experience a sense of loss when all the hustle and bustle is over, or when they don’t receive the toy they had been hoping for.

Fueling your body with a nutritious meal, getting enough sleep and physical activity can enable kids to be at their optimal learning capability. Occasionally healthy habits that were worked throughout the year get overlooked by all excitement of the holidays. Balance is key, especially in a learning environment because as we know, healthy students= better learners, and to achieve overall wellness it includes having a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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Prepare students for a happy and healthy New Year! Promote wellness by incorporating some of Positive Mental Health Resources into your classroom! These kits and displays are intended for easy implementation into classroom curriculum.

A couple examples of the great resources available are:



The Stress Display promotes learning and strategies on how to cope with stress by teaching the difference between negative and positive stress and the effects of long term stress. This display also gives strategies of what students can do to relieve and where to seek support.






The Mindfulness Kit includes several resources that support mindfulness in the classroom. This kit works on improving concentration, coping skills, and decision making in addition to emotional regulation and cognitive focus. A lesson plan and resource guide is included to support implementation of the resources included.




These resources are available to schools, daycares and community groups in Medicine Hat, Brooks & area at no charge. For more information and to check out other Resources available go to:

Medicine Hat & Area Contact: Rae Wahl 403 502-8245 or
Brooks & Area Contact: Candice Buteau

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