Healthy Fundraising

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Did you know?

Research shows that non-food and healthy food fundraisers produce profits equal to or greater than profits from unhealthy food fundraisers.

Many schools rely on fundraising to supplement school budgets and pay for equipment, supplies, and events. While selling unhealthy foods, like chocolates or cookie dough, is a common practice, it’s important to consider; if selling or providing unhealthy food is the best way to raise money and the conflicting message it sends to your community about health.

Include healthy fundraisers in your school’s quest to support and role model health! After all, we know that healthy fundraisers can produce great profits.

Non-Food Fundraising Items

Sell items that people will use anyway:

  • Gift cards for grocery stores
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Bedding plants and bulbs
  • Gardening supplies

Promote physical activity:

  • Carnivals with games for the whole family (rent a dunk tank, basketball hoop, or bounce house)
  • Sell items which promote physical activity. Examples include: gym passes, sunscreen, and water bottles.

Promote the arts:

  • Art and craft shows
  • Dinner theatre – have the foods class make the food and the drama class perform
  • Plays, musicals, and talent shows

Healthy Food Fundraisers

  • Barbecue with healthier options such as lean hamburgers on whole grain buns, a side of raw greenhouse vegetables or cooked corn on the cob, and water to drink.
  • Sell fresh-baked bread made by the foods class at a craft or bake sale.
  • Sell bags of fresh vegetables and fruits through a farm-to-school fundraising organization.

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Submitted by: Michelle Letourneau, Registered Dietitian

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