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Counseling Balls

Counseling Balls

Counseling balls have proven to be one of the most effective and popular ways to teach children emotional, social, and behaviour skills. These balls are great for use in counseling sessions, or in the classroom. They instantly get kids talking and interacting in positive ways. They are inflated to 8 inches around, so they are very portable and easy to use in small spaces.  There are 6 themes to choose from:

Positive Attitude Ball
Full of affirmative statements, such as “Tell what you like about yourself” this ball provides a great way to start a group discussion.

Less Stress Ball
Help children turn everyday tension into fun-filled play, with statements such as “Take 5 deep breaths.”

Stop, Relax & Think Ball
Teach children to control their impulsivity by helping them understand and control their actions. Statements include “Tell about a good plan you made” and “Say your name loudly, then softly.”

You & Me Ball
This ball teaches basic social skills, giving kids a chance to practice them in a fun way. It contains statements like “Ask someone what they like about you” and “Toss the ball to someone friendly.”

Helping, Sharing , & Caring Ball
A great way to reinforce important values on a daily basis.

Anger Control Ball
This ball teaches simple anger control techniques that can be practiced in just a few minutes a day. Statements include things to think about and things to do, like “Tell a safe way to let out anger” and “Make a calm face.”