Celebrations in the Classroom

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I can remember when I was a student in elementary school and my teachers would throw us popcorn parties with cupcakes as a way to thank us for being on our best behaviour. Although I can’t deny that I enjoyed this as a kid, I can now appreciate other reward options as well.

Instead of using treats as incentives in the classroom, consider shifting the focus from food to fun by using creative ways to celebrate class achievements, holidays and other special events. It is important to remember that children will be just as happy doing crafts and playing outside with their friends as they would be having cupcakes. The idea is to diversify how kids celebrate and incorporate healthier and active lifestyles into our children’s lives.

Here are some ideas for the classroom:scavenger-hunt

Celebrating successes and good behaviour:

  • Have a scavenger hunt in the classroom or around the school
  • Offer a free activity at the end of the day
  • Provide extra recess time
  • Read a story


veggies-and-hummusCelebrating the holidays or special events:

  • Plan for crafts and activities related to the celebration. Have kids decorate the classroom with snowflakes or fall leaves during the winter and fall and flowers during the springtime.
  • Create a list of healthy snacks as options for parents to bring and limit the amount of unhealthy food to one item
  • For Halloween, have kids bring in pillowcases and decorate them for trick-or-treating or paint jack-o-lantern faces on white milk jugs




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Tanya Cassar is a dietetic intern with Alberta Health Services



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