Are you ready for HASS?

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This year’s Healthy Active School Symposia (HASS) will be held Thursday, October 18, 2018 at the Esplanade in Medicine Hat. This year marks Medicine Hat’s 10 year anniversary for this event and with your participation this one will be better than ever!

HASS events, which are funded by Everactive Schools, focus on inspiring student leadership by developing the competencies needed to become engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit, through a Comprehensive School Health approach. HASS empowers students to be active agents of change in building a school community that enhances their learning and fosters their personal growth and well-being. To learn more about HASS and find out why your school should register, watch the video found at:

Our HASS committee has once again built an agenda that inspires and supports your school teams in identifying a priority area (Healthy Eating, Active Living, or Mental Well-being) and creating an action plan to support your healthy school environment. Each year, we have around 180 students participating in HASS from 20 schools representing all 4 school districts in SE Alberta. Want to see some TV coverage of a Medicine Hat HASS from a few years ago which includes teacher and student perspectives? Click on the second video on the media page at

We invite you to register your school right away by visiting

See you on October 18!


Submitted by Pat MacIntosh, Registered Dietitian with Alberta Health Services


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