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Ashley Fox, BKin, CSEP-CEP & Integrative Health Coach

University of Calgary, Be Fit For Life Centre

When it comes to leading a physically active lifestyle, the benefits are endless and the messages often seem simple, find something you like to do and you will be more likely to do it. However, when it comes to physical activity levels, statistics repeatedly report low levels of activity in children, youth, adulthood and into older adulthood. Physical activity will serve different purposes for us all at different ages and phases in our life but the importance and value it has remain high throughout the lifespan.

Many people find that by figuring out what motivates them to move will help them to sustain a more active lifestyle. It may be the ability to run in a local 10km race, keep up with your growing children, spending time in nature, a friendly street hockey game with your friends or complete the tasks of daily living with little aches and pains. In addition to the numerous physical benefits experienced other benefits often increased confidence, social connections and stress relief.

In a sedentary society filled with many modern conveniences to make things “quick” or “easy” perhaps we also need to look at the benefits of avoiding these options. Simple things like avoiding the drive thru, parking further away, and getting off a bus stop early. Or when meeting a friend for coffee, take it to go and head out for a walk. So take a moment to ask yourself, why do I move and what type of activity brings me joy. Then take the first step, a step to a more active, connected and invigorated way of life… the active way!

Watch Dr. Michael Evans’ video “23 ½ Hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUaInS6HIGo to learn more about living longer and decreasing your chances of chronic disease.


Submitted November 19,2018 by Kayla Repas, Dip Exs Sci, CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer


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