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Instructive and informative material to help Parent Councils make changes in their school regarding Healthy Eating, Active Living and Positive Social Environments.

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Healthy Eating

These resources are available to download.

Marketing Healthy Food Choices

This handout provides information to assist schools with marketing healthy food choices by explaining product availability, promotion, pricing and placement.

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Special Lunch Days

This handout provides information to assist schools to make special lunch days healthy, but still fun.

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Snack Shack

The Snack Shack is different than a regular canteen/cafeteria because only healthy items are for sale. This reinforces the healthy eating messages taught in the classroom.

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Single Serving Packaged Food List

The Single Serving Packaged Food List is to assist schools in implementing the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth. The foods included in this List are packaged products available in the marketplace that meet the 'Choose Most Often' and 'Choose Sometimes' criteria as listed in the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines.

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Alberta Nutrition Guidelines

Use the guidelines to create an environment which provides healthy food choices and promotes healthy eating. This package offers steps for how schools can implement and utilize the recommendations.

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Bake Better Bites

Ways to make baked goods healthy for bake sales. Sample recipes are provided.

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Steps to a Healthy School Environment:
School Nutrition Handbook

This resource has been developed by Registered Dietitians and Regional Health Promotion Coordinators from Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Area. It can be used for classroom education (curriculum links are included) and handouts for students, staff and parents and newsletter inserts.

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Healthy Eating Active Living

This great resource is available for three different age groups: 1 to 4 years, 5 to 11 years and 13 to 18 years. Class sets are  normally available so your students are able to take them home to share the tips on how to get active and make healthy food choices with their entire family.

Healthy Eating Active Living for 1 to 4 Year Olds
Food Guide Serving Sizes for 1 to 4 Year Olds

Healthy Eating Active Living for 5 to 11 Year Olds
Food Guide Serving Sizes for 5 to 11 Year Olds

Healthy Eating Active Living for Your 13 to 18 Year Old
Food Guide Serving Sizes for 13 to 18 Year Olds


Active Living

These resources are available to download.


Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth

In January 2011 the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists released updated Physical Activity Guidelines for Canadians.

These guidelines are relevant to all apparently healthy and youth, irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity or socio-economic status of the family.  Children and youth are encouraged to limit sedentary behaviours and to participate in physical activities that support their natural development and are enjoyable and safe.

Children Ages 5-11
Youth Ages 12-17
Adults Ages 18-64
Adults Ages 65+


Healthy School Community

The following resources are avilable for download:


Promoting Free Play

Resources to support unstructured free play in children and youth.
The Community Resource is a manual giving step by step instructions for setting up a community based program.
The Games Manual lists and describes several options for games leaders.
The Parent Guide outlines the benefits of free play and gives easy-to-use tips.


Healthy School Communities PowerPoint

This presentation was developed for use by any parent or teacher interested in starting a health and wellness committee. You may personalize the presentation by adding your school's logo. It has information on why health and wellness committees are needed, as well as ideas/areas to start working on to make your school healthier. 

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Healthy School Fundraising

Schools rely on fundraising to supplement school budgets and pay for equipment, supplies and events. This resource will help your school create a healthy fundraising policy and provide fundraising ideas.

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