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Take the Classroom Outside at Least Once a Week

A recent study has found that by taking the classroom outside and learning outdoors for just one lesson per week improved students well being, ability to learn and pro social behavior. That’s just one lesson per week for huge benefits! To read the entire report “Nature Nurtures Children” click here.

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The Medicine Hat Mini Nutrition Report Card

Good food and nutrition are essential to promoting the health of children and youth. Healthy eating promotes child growth and development, learning, and the prevention of chronic diseases that were once believed to affect only adults, such as type 2 diabetes. However, healthy eating is more than an individual choice; it is strongly influenced by […]

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Addiction Prevention – Understanding Risk and Protective Factors

Have you ever wondered why some young people are more attracted to experimenting with or using substances compared to other young people? Why some children do well in school while other children struggle more? Have you ever wanted to influence or change these outcomes? There are many different and interrelated explanations for problems and desired […]

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