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Setting the Stage – The Importance of Good Role Models

Leah Yardley, BSC. Kin, CSEP-CEP University of Calgary, Be Fit for Life Centre We can all agree that it is important for children to be physically active and that there are many benefits to leading a healthy and physically active life – but is it good enough for our children to be active, while we […]

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Healthy Snack Canteen in Schools

The environments where people eat, play and work have a direct impact on the foods we consume. Children are especially susceptible and easily influenced by what is available in their food environments such as at schools, rec centres, libraries etc. Poor eating habits, consuming high calorie snacks and eating less vegetables and fruits are some […]

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Children, Teens and Screens

Ask any parent, teacher or school administrator their thoughts on the subject of children and the impacts of digital technology and you will be offered a variety of thoughts and experiences. The original smart phone, “Simon”, was introduced to the world in 1994. Since then cell phones and other digital technologies have advanced at lightning […]

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