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Change Recess by Encouraging Students to Take on Leadership Roles

Recess is a very important time for students to reap the benefits of physical activity and to build strong social skills through play experiences.  However, many students are not getting an adequate amount of physical activity during this time.  What’s more, recess can also be a time where instances of negative behavior and bullying can […]

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Will Your School Garden Grow?

School gardens can open a world of learning experiences, all connected to curriculum learning outcomes, and focusing on a range of topics such as ecosystems, plant growth and change, and weather. It also touches on environmental factors, soil, living things, communities, human activities, patterns, and measurement. Gardens also provide numerous experiences that develop and reinforce […]

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Exercise is Good for Your Mental Health

We know that physical activity is important to improving physical health, but did you know that physical activity is also key in improving mental health?  Today’s teens are experiencing heightened anxiety and more stress than some adults today (cite).  In a world where digital devices keep social pressures constantly in their back pockets, and academic […]

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