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There are Better Ways to Pick Teams than having a Team Captain!

For many years, the benefits of physical education have been widely recognized. Participation in physical activity from a young age is designed to motivate youth to be active for life, as well as aid in the development of important skills and overall improvements in quality of life. However, children rarely share the same experience in […]

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Addressing Weight Bias in the Classroom

Today, 30% of Canadian children, aged 5-17, have overweight or obesity and one in 10 children has experienced or is experiencing some forms of weight bias at school and their own home. In our recent community Nutrition Report Card, the school environment received a grade of F on how schools addressed weight bias. Many schools […]

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Understanding Youth Substance Use

Some children and youth experiment with and push boundaries. This behavior is a part of growing up for many young people. When tobacco, alcohol, other drugs or gambling is involved, experimentation can become a progression that may lead to dependency or an addiction. The Teacher Information Series is designed to give teachers factual information to […]

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