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Children, Teens and Screens

Ask any parent, teacher or school administrator their thoughts on the subject of children and the impacts of digital technology and you will be offered a variety of thoughts and experiences. The original smart phone, “Simon”, was introduced to the world in 1994. Since then cell phones and other digital technologies have advanced at lightning […]

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Register Your School for Winter Walk Day 2019

Winter Walk Day is on February 6, 2019, get your school registered today!  Winter Walk Day is organized by SHAPE Alberta who vision is to see Albertan students choose Active Transportation for the school journey.  This one day event encourages people across Alberta to be active outdoors in winter. More than 800 organizations and 100,000 […]

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Are Your Holiday Celebrations Inclusive?

The holiday season is here and many classroom celebrations are underway this week as schools are about to break for a couple of weeks. However important areas to consider when planning celebrations include: Food intolerance and allergies Ethnic and religious diversity Economic disparities During the holidays many schools offer family nights such as skating, swimming, […]

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