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Quality Recess Makes a Big Difference

Recently I read an article in which a mother details the conversation she had with her two sons about their experience with indoor recess through the cold winter.  The kids said that indoor recess was “more fun” and “more safe,” they liked it better.  This conversation lead to an article in the Globe and Mail […]

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Nutrition Month 2019 – The Potential to Fuel

March is Nutrition Month; a time for dietitians to increase public awareness about healthy eating. This year the theme is Unlock the Potential of Food with 5 key messages: The Potential to Fuel The Potential to Discover The Potential to Prevent The Potential to Heal The Potential to Bring us Together The message that works […]

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Tools to Create a Calm Classroom

With the rates of anxiety increasing and appearing at younger and younger ages, the importance of creating a calm environment for our students is becoming more and more important.  There are a variety of resources out there that can support teachers in their efforts to create a calm classroom. One of the first thing to […]

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