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Addressing Food Marketing in Schools

Food marketing that targets children and youth is an issue across Canada. Food marketing can be found on TV, online, in newspapers and magazines – and in our schools. In fact, most schools in Canada have at least one type of food marketing present. What is food marketing? Food marketing is “advertising that promotes the […]

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Addiction Prevention and Mental Health Promotion in Schools – Going Upstream

Alberta Health Services recognizes that teachers are in a unique position to influence their students’ lives, both as educators and as mentors. The school community can be a powerful protective factor in supporting addiction prevention and mental well-being in children and youth. Alberta Health Services has curriculum-aligned lesson plans and other educational resources to help […]

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Sodium and kids: how can schools help kids eat healthy?

  School age children need between 1200 – 1500 mg of sodium (salt) per day. The upper limit is 2300 mg per day. (The upper limit is the highest level likely to not cause harm; it is not a recommended level of intake). Too much salt can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease. […]

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