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The Feeding Relationship

Meals can provide a great time for families to eat and visit in a pleasant and relaxed setting. However, for some families, mealtime can be a struggle. For example, does your child dislike vegetables? Does he or she want to eat the same foods all the time? Have you ever said “finish your plate or […]

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Burning Off Exam Stress

School days are dwindling, and exam time is fast approaching! Are your students or children stressed about this time of year? Research shows a correlation between regular physical activity and improved mental health and academic performance. Physical activity improves emotions and mood, quality of life, self-esteem and cognitive functioning. It also reduces anxiety, depression and […]

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Fitness Trackers…The Good & the Not So Good

Am I the only who has noticed the increased rise in popularity of fitness trackers? Probably not. These wearable devices lets users track their steps, activity, calories burned and even sleep patterns every day

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